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"Strength does not come from physical capacity, arises from an indomitable will"

Mahatma Gandhi

Wine cellar

Over five generations of people devoted to extracting the best of the earth. Men and women devoted with passion to understand nature as a source of life, leaving a legacy that should not be forgotten, because it would be a shame to reject their experience.


Based on ancient knowledge and harnessing the know-how, we create authentic wines alive with soul. The EcoLogica agriculture and biosinergias make us elaborate wines with personality without losing its varietal character and without masking the fruit.

Our vineyards

Taking care of the vineyard we seek the balance and we create the basis to continue learning to develop new wines in a way that will lead us to new surprises. The future is always uncertain, but Microbiowines has such a solid foundation that will be difficult to break the ascending line with which already works.

Our wines

They are grown organically and harmoniously, respectfully as possible and with little intervention, to avoid leaving traces in the ecosystem. The most important thing is the balance between soil, plant, fruit and wine, where nothing happens at random. Working the field as our grandparents did, soul, knowing that good wine is made in the vineyard and observing the passage of time through the vines and their cycles.

My way

These wines are not only authentic and surprising. They are a philosophy of life, a way of understanding existence and a legacy for generations to come. Enjoy what you do and make others enjoy. MIBIWI


Private area for professionals and collaborators.

It is necessary to request access permissions.

Private Gallery




Ismael Gozalo

Vigneron Independant

Plaza de la Iglesia, 7
40447 Nieva, Segovia, España
T. 626 267 430